Islamic Education in America

I recently came home on vacation after about four years from living and working in Saudi Arabia.  My trip reminded me of the problems Muslims in America are facing when it comes to Islamic education and the establishment of united communities.  After living in an Islamic society for a number of years, it has given me some insight on the problems Muslims who live in America and are basically stuck in a non-Islamic society.

How can we maintain our children in an environment which does  not promote Islam in any way?

The answer to this question is that each family must establish an education program within their family.  They must do this with moderation and wisdom.  If you push too hard, you will push your children away into the hands of an unforgiving society, if you don’t push enough they will not have any Muslim identity and loose it when they go out of the home.

During my visit, I saw good examples of families using the home school programs provided by many states.  These families also, had a program in which they encouraged their children to learn and implement the basic teachings of Islam.

From these examples, I saw that you can establish a nurturing Islamic environment inside your home which will better prepare your children for the realities of living in the West.

If you are concerned about your children, and would like to provide a structured Islamic education for them, please check out the Islamic Education Learning center at the following link.

Yours in Islamic Education,

Abdullah Wali-Uddin






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